About Pudu Lifestyle

Pudu, A Mens Clothing Fashion Online Australian Brand is all about the confident man...a man who is proud to "wear" his clothes.

A man who likes to look trendy without really trying too hard, a man who is keen to push the boundaries a tiny bit without feeling self conscious.

About Pudu LifestyleWe specialize in casual, current and easy to wear mens clothing that effortlessly integrates into an existing wardrobe. We like to call our collection "classic with a twist" and by this we mean we like clean lines with great structure to accentuate a man’s body. Classic and vibrant colors with our secret washes form a big part of our easy to wear collection.

The pudu journey began in a leafy suburb of Melbourne as a part time business idea for brothers Michael and Andrew and now being a little over three years old it has become a labor of love.

We firmly believe that the true hero is the product. We are all about the product and the little details that make the slight difference from being a good product to being an exceptional product.

Linen forms s big part of the pudu collection... We are in awe of this amazing fabric; the versatility that linen provides is immensely exciting to us as designers and manufacturers. To date our classic white Amalfi long sleeved shirt has been the single most ordered piece of clothing.

Our collections have evolved over the last 3 years but true to form we come back creating garments that are very current without clashing with classic styles with a huge emphasis on comfort.

In the collection seen online currently we have diversified into a few styles that push the boundary of being classic yet have a very easy feel to it, the colors used are also a little different from our classic favorites of white, camel and navy.

We will also be constantly adding to the collection you see online, we are constantly sampling new styles and colors and once they meet the highest standards of approval that we strive for then you will see them on the landing page of our site.

Here's wishing you a superb shopping experience and we are all about you the customer. So please tell us what you think of our site, our clothes and most of all of the experience you had on pudu.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a super festive season ahead.

The Pudu Team